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This original soft pastel landscape is a stunning piece of art that captures the beauty of nature. Handcrafted by a skilled artist, this piece boasts a range of soft, natural colors that blend seamlessly together. The use of pastel gives the artwork a delicate and dreamy quality, making it perfect for adding a touch of tranquility to any room. The landscape scene depicted is both serene and captivating, transporting the viewer to a peaceful and idyllic setting. This piece is an ideal addition to any art collection, or as a thoughtful gift for any art or nature lover.

Original Soft Pastel Landscape

  • Materials: Soft Pastel Unison, Rembrandt and Sennellier

    Surface: Pastel paper

    Size:   H. 11.75" x W 9.25"     H 30cm x W 21 cm

    Comes unframed and inside a sleeve.

    Please be extremely careful in handling. This is soft pastel and has not been treated with fixative spray etc as it dulls colours. It is advised to give to the framer as it is as they will know how to handle it correctly. 

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