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Welcome To The New Website and The Health and Wellness Blog

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

A huge welcome to old and new. I have finally got around to changing the websites. Why I haven't done this sooner I really don't know; or perhaps I do and it's being completely useless when it comes to technology. So I have now waved goodbye to the old faithful TraceyWard.Me which was my very first blog and website; if you don't include Etsy. I enjoy the writing process I find it incredibly cathartic so I had to include it with this website.

It will be something for the great grandkids to read when they ask,

"What was Great Grandma like Dad?"

"Well funny you should ask here you go son read that lot".

I wish now I'd asked my grandparents a lot more questions I really do.

So anyway moving forward this website will include everything; Karma Times site, blog site, (podcast and vlogging still thinking about so any ideas on that will be welcome), shop page including all my creations whatever they may be. But the good thing is that people will only get one notice when I do something and they will not end up having a notification from 5 different social media accounts; or that's the plan anyway. So just hang on in there until I tweak all the finer details. There will be links to other social media and to Etsy which I will be keeping for the timebeing.

a poochon Bichon Frise dog
Harvey Houdini

I still have HRH Harvey Houdini my trusty canine sidekick who seems to have found a new lease of life since meeting Colin. Harvey is 13 and really wouldn't believe it. Tallulah Love Rocket (for new readers it was the name given to my Mini Cooper S who I miss incredibly; it's now a Qahsquai which is easier to get in and out of; yeah I'm getting old- plus side I still have my own teeth.

I'm unable to write a lot today because I'm still in the middle of creating this new site. Hmm just realised you won't read this until the site is published; duh! I blame it on the menopause.

Until next time


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